About Us

We have been established just less than 30 years and within that time we have served many LOYAL CUSTOMERS whom use our services to enable them to continue with their business.

The EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE held by our ENGINEERS and TECHNICAL SALES team is second to none.

Whatever your HYDRAULIC or PNEUMATIC ENGINEERING requirement, you will find that our QUALITY of SERVICE, QUICK TURNAROUND, FAST DELIVERY and immediate access to a huge RANGE of STOCK will enable you to proceed with your task, minimising downtime.

As a company that is firmly committed to QUALITY, we manage and maintain our QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in accordance with all the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and conduct internal, external and product AUDITS, customer FEEDBACK surveys, ensuring CALIBRATION of all test equipment is controlled and we have full traceability via our operating system.

If you require hose or part TRACEABILITY we can offer CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY & PRESSURE TEST CERTIFICATION which allows us to identify what hose was supplied and when and to whom this was supplied.

Whether you are PURCHASING EQUIPMENT, DESIGNING a new SYSTEM or simply aiming to IMPROVE EFFICIENCY we are here to assist you with your needs.

Please search our website for our services and products we offer and don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance, we are happy to help.

Whatever you are looking for whether it is AIR PREPARATION EQUIPMENT, CLIPS, COUPLINGS, CYLINDERS, FITTINGS, HOSE, SOLENOIDS, TUBE or VALVES we sell a wide range of products within the HYDRAULIC and PNEUMATIC sectors.

We are able to design and manufacture to meet specific requirements HIGH/MID/LOW PRESSURE, FLEXIBLE METALLIC and RUBBER NITRILE HOSES.

Related FITTINGS, COUPLINGS and ADAPTORS up to 10,000 PSI are also available upon request.

We also supply CLAMPS, FLANGES, GAUGES, HOSE REELS, PIPEWORK and VACUUM EQUIPMENT to ensure your installation is complete.


We are OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTORS for CAMOZZI, NORGREN and STAUFF. We are able to source other popular manufacturers such as ASCO, FESTO, HYDAC, LEGRIS, PARKER, REDASHE or SMC to name a few.

Whatever you are after please ask a member of our sales team, even if you have part of a PART CODE, a PICTURE, SAMPLE or just a brief DESCRIPTION we will do our best to source the ORIGINAL or an EQUIVALENT.

For our catalogue stock and to order online please check out or SHOP.

Fluid Power Services has been MANUFACTURING and SUPPLYING HYDRAULIC and PNEUMATIC equipment since 1988.

Since that time, we have maintained an unswerving commitment to CUSTOMER CARE and QUALITY SERVICE, making it our business to help your business.

Over the years, we have introduced new PRODUCTS, developed new markets and expanded our stocks - but in everything we have done, our philosophy has always remained the same.

Meet The Team

Team members

Fluid Power Services is dedicated to the Quality Policy, which will ensure that its products and services fully meet the requirements of its customers at all times.

The goal of Fluid Power Services Limited is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Commitment to the implementation of supporting managerial and operational systems is essential to realising that goal.

Fluid Power Services believes in the concept of client and supplier working together in pursuing this policy and in continually striving for improvements in service quality.

The quality policy is based on 3 fundamental principles:

1. Ensuring that we fully identify and conform to the needs of our customers.
2. Looking at our service provision processes, identifying the potential for errors and taking the necessary action to eliminate them.
3. Everyone understanding how to do their job and doing it right first time.

To ensure that the policy is successfully implemented, staff will be responsible for identifying customer requirements, and ensuring that the correct procedures are followed to meet those requirements.

Objectives needed to ensure that the requirements of this policy are met and that continual improvement is maintained, in line with the spirit of the policy. Determined and monitored at Management Review.